हाल ही में Google India के उद्योग प्रमुख के रूप में किसे नियुक्त किया गया है?

  • 1अंजला झवेरी
  • 2मयूरी कांगो
  • 3दारा त्रिसदर
  • 4गेल कारमाइकल
Answer:- 2

Ex-Bollywood actress and Managing Director of Performics (A Performance Marketing Agency), Mayoori Kango has been appointed as the Industry head of Google India. She will lead Google engagement with Publicis (Parent Company of Performics) and DAN. Mayoori Kango started her career at the age of 15 and featured in Saeed Akhtar Mirza's National Award winning film, Naseem. Her other movies includes "Papa Kehte Hai (1996)", Betaabi (1997), Hogi Pyaar ki Jeet (1999) and Badal (2000).

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