Who has become the first IAF pilot to complete wingsuit skydive jump?

  • 1Jainendra Kumar
  • 2Tarun Chaudhri
  • 3Ramesh chandra Tomar
  • 4Mridula Garg
Answer:- 2

Wing Commander Tarun Chaudhri has become the first Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot to perform a wingsuit skydive jump. He achieved the feat on July 21 during the Kargil Diwas celebrations at Air Force Station in Jodhpur. The jump was accomplished from a Mi-17 helicopter from an altitude of 8,500 feet. This is the first IAF Wing Suit Skydive Jump by a pilot who has flown and captained the same type of helicopter. The Kargil Diwas celebrations were held at Air Force Station in Jodhpur on July 21 and 22.

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