With which IIT institute, Tata Medical Center join hands to form Comprehensive Digital Archive of Cancer Imaging?

  • 1IIT Kanpur
  • 2IIT Delhi
  • 3IIT Madras
  • 4IIT Kharagpur
Answer:- 4

Under the National Digital Library Initiative (NDLI) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development(HRD), IIT Kharagpur(Indian Institute of Technology) has joined hands with the Tata Medical Center for the project of setting up an image data bank for cancer patients & in particular, radio oncology(a medical specialty that involves the controlled use of radiation to treat cancer) in the country called Comprehensive Digital Archive of Cancer Imaging (CHAVI). CHAVI project will address the imaging-related research and will be India's first step towards harnessing artificial intelligence(AI) and deep learning methods to answer medical questions of importance in the field of image banking. It will be scaled up to a larger level of setting up medical images once it successful & then the imaginary combined with AI to treat more people as well as provide targeted therapy based on individual symptoms.

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