RBI's Money Museum will be set up in __________.

  • 1Delhi
  • 2Chennai
  • 3Mumbai
  • 4Kolkata
Answer:- 4

India's central bank, RBI's (Reserve Bank of India) Money Museum, which was opened on March 11, 2019, aims at improving people's knowledge of the banking system with the help of interactive displays at Council House Street in Central Kolkata, West Bengal has been drawing a lot of attention for its special initiative. The museum has a big tree made using unusable coins and demonetized notes attached with a computer model outlining how money gets transferred to the account digitally. It also has three divided sections. 1st section(History of Money): This section depicts the evolution of the barrier system and the grains used as currency in medieval ages. 2nd section(History of Gold): It talks about gold and focuses on gold reserves in India. 3rd section(History of RBI): This is all about the history of RBI.

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