__________ and NIT Jalandhar Researchers develop Bone Implant Materials From waste Eggshells.

  • 1IIT New Delhi
  • 2IIT Mumbai
  • 3IIT Chennai
  • 4IIT Hyderabad
Answer:- 4

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad and Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jalandhar (Punjab) researchers have developed a process by which bone implant materials can be synthesized from eggshells which are dumped as waste. The team synthesized nanopowder, which is a hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a single human hair, from the eggshells, which are made of largely calcium-containing minerals (95.1%) along with small amounts of proteins and water. This will help people, who are affected in using synthetic chemicals as bone replacement materials because of the presence of chemical residues. Plaster of Paris is commonly used by people to heal bone defects but it is highly toxic.

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