Which state has been ranked first at the India Child Well-Being Index?

  • 1Madhya Pradesh
  • 2Andra Pradesh
  • 3Tamil Nadu
  • 4Kerala
Answer:- 4

NGOs World Vision India and IFMR LEAD. The researchers used a total of 24 indicators to create the score instead of just considering income poverty. The 24 indicators are divided into three categories: Healthy individual development, positive relationships and protective contexts. As per index, Kerala (0.76) has acquired the topped spot due to its exceptional performance in health, nutrition and education facilities. Tamil Nadu (0.67) bagged the 2nd spot, followed by Himachal Pradesh (0.67) . Though, Meghalaya (0.5C), Jharkhand (0.50) and Madhya Pradesh (0.4D) featured at the bottom of the index. Among the Union territories, Puducherry led the way with a score of 0.77 and Dadra and Nagar Haveli featured at the other end with a score of 0.52.

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