Samsung India inks with __________ and RBL Bank for mobile payments through Samsung Pay.

  • 1Citibank
  • 2Mastercard
  • 3Maestro
  • 4Capital One
Answer:- 2

American multinational financial services corporation, Mastercard, Indian private sector bank, RBL Bank and Samsung India have jointly launched the Samsung Pay for RBL Bank's Mastercard credit card customers. The tie-up will allow the customers of RBL bank to make contactless transactions with enhanced security on their Samsung Pay-compatible smartphones efficiently. The payments can be done through any PoS (Point of Sale) machine where a card can be dipped, swiped or tapped, both in India as well as abroad without the physical presence of a card. RBL customers can easily add their Mastercard credit cards on Samsung Pay, which authenticates them based on their fingerprint, iris scan or PIN (personal identification number). After the successful authentication, they can complete their purchases by easily tapping their devices on a compatible terminal.

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