The Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) will jointly conduct a large war exercise near China border. It's named as;

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    Yudh Abhyas

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Answer:- 2

The Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) will jointly engage to conduct a large war exercise code-named 'HimVijay' in October 2019 along the china border near Arunachal Pradesh. This would be the 1st and biggest ever war game done by the strike corps in the eastern region. For the first time, 17 Mountain Corps will be involved, over 2500 soldiers will participate in it. The Indian Army will deploy state-of-the-art American weapons. These include the M777 ultralight howitzers, including Chinook heavy-lift helicopters. Chinook heavy-lift helicopters were inducted into the Indian Air Force at Chandigarh Airbase on 25 March 2019. The purpose of the exercise is to test the capabilities of war in the northeast. It will also include the recently formed 17 Mountain Strike Corps. The Air Force will do everything to meet the Army's needs during the war. M777 ultra-light howitzers will be provided to 17 Mountain Strike Corps during the exercise.

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