Who released the book named "Chandra Shekhar - The Last Icon of Ideological Politics", recently?

  • 1

    Shri Narendra Modi

  • 2

    Shri Suresh Prabhu

  • 3

    Shri Venkaiyah Naidu

  • 4

    Shri Ram Nath Kovind

Answer:- 1

Book on the former prime minister of India, Chandra Shekhar, named, "Chandra Shekhar - The Last Icon of Ideological Politics" was released by the prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi. The book was released at the Balayogi Auditorium, Parliament Library Building in NewDelhi and is written by Shri Harivansh, Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha, and Shri Ravi Dutt Bajpai. The first copy of the book was presented to the Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu by Shri Narendra Modi. This book talks about the legacy of the former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar, both about his personal life as well as public administration. A museum for all Indian prime ministers was announced and invited all their families to the book launch and share their aspects of life.

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