Centre has approved a five year project Deep Ocean Mission (DOM) with the cost of;

  • 1

    Rs. 5,000 crore

  • 2

    Rs. 6,000 crore

  • 3

    Rs. 8,000 crore

  • 4

    Rs. 10,000 crore

Answer:- 3

Centre has approved the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences' Deep Ocean Mission (DOM). The project plans to explore the deepest recesses of the ocean. It is a five year project. The cost estimated for the project is Rs.8,000 crore. DOM will commence from October 31, 2019. A blueprint of the programme was unveiled by the Ministry last July. One of the proposals is offshore desalination plant that will work with tidal energy. The projects also proposes to develop a submersible vehicle that can go to a depth of at least 6,000 metres with three people on board.

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