Securitypedia has been launched by which Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) of India?

  • 1

    Central Industrial Security Force

  • 2

    Central Reserve Police Force

  • 3

    Railway Protection Force

  • 4

    Special Protection Group

Answer:- 1

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has launched a customised video interface - CISFTube - on the lines of YouTube and an on-line encyclopedia "Securitypedia" on the lines of Wikipedia to update its personnel about security related issues, best practices in forces and latest technologies available across the world. Securitypedia is an on-line encyclopedia which incorporates a wide gamut of security related practices across the globe. It is not just a static website containing data archives but is more of a dynamic platform where a force member can contribute by writing blogs on relevant security related professional issues. CISF Tube is an online video database of all videos relevant to CISF. The videos available on CISF Tube enable CISF personnel to learn on various subjects related to their functioning.

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