Directions : Each of the following question consists of a statement followed by two arguments I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a STRONG arguments and which is a WEAK Argument.

Statement : Should all refugees, who make unauthorized entry into a country, be forced to go back to their homeland?

Arguments :
I. Yes. They make their colonies and occupy a lot of land.
II. No. They leave their homes because of hunger or some terror and on human grounds, should not be forced to go back.

  • 1Only argument I is strong
  • 2Only argument II is strong
  • 3Either I or II is strong
  • 4Neither I nor II is strong
Answer:- 1

Clearly, refugees are people forced out of their homeland by some misery and need shelter desperately. So, argument II holds. Argument I against the statement is vague.

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