Directions : Each of the following question consists of a statement followed by two arguments I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a STRONG arguments and which is a WEAK Argument.

Statement : Should there be more than one High Court in each state in India?

Arguments :
I. No. This will be a sheer wastage of taxpayers' money.
II. Yes. This will help reduce the backlog of cases pending for a very long time.

  • 1Only argument I is strong
  • 2Only argument II is strong
  • 3Either I or II is strong
  • 4Neither I nor II is strong
Answer:- 1

Clearly, an increase in the number of High Courts will surely speed up the work and help to do away with the pending cases. So, argument II holds strong. In light of this, the expenditure incurred would be 'utilization', not 'wastage' of money. So, argument I does not hold.

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