Which among the following pair awarded with Visitor's award 2019 under the category "Research in Biological Sciences"?

  • 1

    Neeraj Sharma and Pradeep Goyal

  • 2

    Shaon Ray and Deshdeep Sahdev

  • 3

    Ashutosh Sharma and Shekhar C. Mande

  • 4

    Partima and Asad Ullah Khan

Answer:- 4

Visitor's award which is constituted since 2014 to create healthy competition among central universities, is provided under four categories in research field. They are, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Physical Sciences Biological Sciences and Technology Development. ii. Joint award: This year(2019) the award in the field of research in Biological science is jointly awarded to Dr.Partima and Prof. Asad Ullah Khan.

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