Analyzing Argument - 02

01. During colonial times in America, juries were encouraged to ask questions of the parties in the courtroom. The jurors were, in fact, expected to investigate the facts of the case themselves. If jurors conducted an investigation today, we would throw out the case.
This paragraph best supports the statement that

  • 1juries are less important today than they were in colonial times.
  • 2jurors today are less interested in court cases than they were in colonial times.
  • 3courtrooms today are more efficient than they were in colonial times.
  • 4the jury system in America has changed since colonial times.

03. Human technology developed from the first stone tools about two and a half million years ago. At the beginning, the rate of development was slow. Hundreds of thousands of years passed without much change. Today, new technologies are reported daily on television and in newspapers.
This paragraph best supports the statement that

  • 1stone tools were not really technology.
  • 2stone tools were in use for two and a half million years.
  • 3there is no way to know when stone tools first came into use.
  • 4In today's world, new technologies are constantly being developed.

05. It is well known that the world urgently needs adequate distribution of food, so that everyone gets enough. Adequate distribution of medicine is just as urgent. Medical expertise and medical supplies need to be redistributed throughout the world so that people in emerging nations will have proper medical care.
This paragraph best supports the statement that

  • 1the majority of the people in the world have never been seen by a doctor.
  • 2food production in emerging nations has slowed during the past several years.
  • 3most of the world
  • 4many people who live in emerging nations are not receiving proper medical care.

06. A few states in this country are considering legislation that would prohibit schools from using calculators before the sixth grade. Other states take a different position. Some states are insisting on the purchase of graphing calculators for every student in middle school.
This paragraph best supports the statement that in this country

  • 1there are at least two opinions about the use of calculators in schools.
  • 2calculators are frequently a detriment to learning math.
  • 3state legislators are more involved in education than ever before.
  • 4the price of graphing calculators is less when schools buy in bulk.

09. In the past, consumers would rarely walk into an ice cream store and order low-fat ice cream. But that isn't the case today. An increasing health consciousness combined with a much bigger selection of tasty low-fat foods in all categories has made low-fat ice cream a very profitable item for ice cream store owners.
This paragraph best supports the statement that

  • 1low-fat ice cream produces more revenue than other low-fat foods.
  • 2ice cream store owners would be better off carrying only low-fat ice cream.
  • 3ice cream store owners no longer think that low-fat ice cream is an unpopular item.
  • 4low-fat ice cream is more popular than other kinds of ice cream.
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