Computer Fundamental Basic -08

01. Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?

  • 1Magnetic drum
  • 2PROM
  • 3Floppy disk
  • 4All of the above

02. A programming language intended to solve a no. of different types of problems is

  • 1COBOL
  • 2General purpose programming language
  • 3BASIC

05. The shifting of a program from one of the memory addresses to another is

  • 1Data transmission
  • 2Data collection
  • 3Relocation
  • 4Database

07. An input device that is able to interpret pencil marks on paper media is known as

  • 1Magnetic disk
  • 2Optical Mark Reader
  • 3Card Puncher
  • 4Magnetic tape

09. If you see a diskette with a piece of foil covering its notch, it is said to be

  • 1write-protected
  • 2copy-protected
  • 3write-enabled
  • 4foil-covered

10. Disketts and hard disks are

  • 1Direct access devices
  • 2Sequential access devices
  • 3Slower than magnetic tape
  • 4Used only in mainframe computers
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