General Science - 04

02. Amalgams are:

  • 1Highly coloured alloys
  • 2Alloys which contain mercury as one of the contents
  • 3Alloys which have great resistance to abrasion
  • 4Alloys which contain carbon

03. The main constituents of pearls are

  • 1Calcium Oxide and Ammonium Chloride
  • 2Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate
  • 3Aragonite and Conchiolin
  • 4Ammonium Sulphate and Sodium Carbonate

04. Water is a good solvent of ionic salts because:

  • 1It has a high specific heat
  • 2It has no colour
  • 3It has a high dipole moment
  • 4It has a high boiling point

05. Bell metal is an alloy of

  • 1Nickel and Copper
  • 2Zinc and Copper
  • 3Brass and Nickel
  • 4Tin and Copper

06. Which metal pollute the air of a big city?

  • 1Copper
  • 2Chromium
  • 3Lead
  • 4Cadmium

07. Among the various allotrope of carbon

  • 1Coke is the hardest, graphite is the softest
  • 2Diamond is the hardest, coke is the softest
  • 3Diamond is the hardest, graphite is the softest
  • 4Diamond is the hardest, lamp black is the softest

08. When an iron nail gets rusted, iron oxide is formed

  • 1Without any change in the weight of the nail
  • 2With decrease in the weight of the nail
  • 3With increase in the weight of the nail
  • 4Without any change in colour or weight of the nail

10. In which of the following activities silicon carbide is used?

  • 1Making cement and glass
  • 2Disinfecting water of ponds
  • 3Cutting very hard substances
  • 4Making casts for statues
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