Theme Detection - 01

02. There is a shift in our economy from a manufacturing to a service orientation. The increase in service-sector will require the managers to work more with people rather than with objects and things from the assembly line.

This passage best supports the statement that:

  • 1managers should have a balanced mind.
  • 2assembly line will exist in service organisations.
  • 3interpersonal skills will become more important in the future work place.
  • 4manufacturing organisations ignore importance of people.

04. The press should not be afraid of upholding and supporting a just and righteous cause. It should not be afraid of criticising the government in a healthy manner. The press has to be eternally vigilant to protect the rights of the workers, backward and suppressed sections of the society. It should also give a balanced view of the things so that people can be helped in the formation of a healthy public opinion.

The passage best supports the statement that:

  • 1press has a great role to play in a democracy.
  • 2the press is the only means to project to the masses the policies of the government.
  • 3the freedom of press is essential for the proper functioning of democracy.
  • 4the press can be used by the governments as an effective media for the upliftment of the backward sections of society.

05. Satisfaction with co-workers, promotion opportunities, the nature of work, and pay goes with high performance among those with strong growth needs. Among those with weak growth needs, no such relationship is present - and, in fact, satisfaction with promotion opportunities goes with low performance.

This passage best supports the statement that:

  • 1satisfaction is an inevitable organisational variable.
  • 2job satisfaction and performance are directly and closely related.
  • 3relationship between job satisfaction and performance is moderated by growth need.
  • 4every organisation has few employees having weak growth need.

08. Emerson said that the poet was landlord, Sealord, airlord. The flight of imagination made the poet master of land, sea and air. But a poet's dream of yesterday becomes today an actual achievement and a reality for all men. Even those who invented, improved and perfected the aeroplane could hardly have dreamt of the possibility of flight into outer space.

The passage best supports the statement that:

  • 1seemingly impossible imaginations make one a good poet,
  • 2all imaginations become a reality some day.
  • 3what man imagined has never been impossible; he has always turned it a reality through his conception of ideas and sheer hard labour.
  • 4man has reached the climax of technological development with his exploration into outer space.

09. Industrial exhibitions play a major role in a country's economy. Such exhibitions, now regularly held in Delhi, enable us to measure the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress and the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the U.K., U.S.A. and Russia whose pavilions are the centres of the greatest attention and attractions.

The passage best supports the statement that industrial exhibitions:

  • 1greatly tax the poor economies.
  • 2are more useful for the developed countries like U.S.A. whose products stand out superior to those of the developing countries.
  • 3are not of much use to the countries who are industrially backward.
  • 4boost up production qualitatively and quantitatively by analytical comparison of a country
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